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Tourette’s Newsletter, Shady Exploiters, and Mutually Profitable Consults

Recently I gave an update about how I had gone for one full month without tics. I also made the offer to talk with anyone who wanted to know how I had done it. The response was big. In fact, it was so big that I spent about 15 hours on the phone in the last seven days, a feat which I can’t replicate again without feeling like a deadbeat dad. More on that in a moment.

Back to that month. For those of you with Tourette’s Syndrome, whether your symptoms are oh-crap-this-is-killing me bad or just annoying,  you know that that is a long time to go without. I have managed to cure myself, but have struggled over the last few months to try to articulate my ideas about what I have largely done intuitively.

But now I am ready.

I have found that writing things out isn’t good enough, not when I am really trying to answer questions that myself and others have asked about this. The phone conversations have been wonderful, and that is how I’m most interested in teaching what I have done. During personal conversations.

If you have Tourette’s, or you have a family member with Tourette’s, I am starting a newsletter that is just for you. If you sign up I will send you a 20-minute-or-so video that I believe holds the most important piece of the Tourette’s puzzle. If I had just had this one piece earlier I think I could have made greater progress much sooner.

I cannot promise that what is in the video will definitely bring you relief, but I can promise that I would be surprised if it didn’t. I’m not a doctor or neurologist. What I am is a man who fought this disorder for over 25 years before crushing it under my foot. What I have done often sounds very simple to people I have spoken with, and yet they still haven’t thought of it.

I recently concluded a ten year study at the University of Utah. Out of the many, many patients that were tracked over the decade, I was one of three at the end of it which they define as a “true remitter.” Meaning, for all practical intents and purposes, cured.

This is for real.

I still have the urges to have tics but I do not have the tics. The urges yes, but I am able to shut them off as quickly as they appear.

I believe I can help others do the same, or at least help them see things in a different way that will allow them to ask better questions and make better connections.



It’s an interesting spot to be in. On one hand, there is nobody on earth that I despise like the self-help gurus who prey and profit on hope and desperation while promising results that they cannot deliver. The thought of being an exploiter nauseates me, which is why I want to say again that I cannot promise you the results I have gotten for myself.

I would rather sell myself short than give you false hope. That said, I do think I can help. You will need an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

The first video contains what I believe to be the most fundamental change that we–the twitchy we– can make. It is the only logical starting point, in my opinion.  After that, I have eight or nine more pieces that build off of the first. They each take quite a bit of time to discuss, and will need to be individualized. In other words, if you watch the video, do what I ask, and track data for a month, I think you will be pleased and will be ready for part two.

Without part one, the benefit of the second piece will not be as obvious or productive, in my opinion. We’ll see how it goes as I work with more and more people.

Those phone calls

At the end of several of my phone calls this past week, I asked each person if the discussion we had was valuable to them. They each said yes. I asked them if they thought I would be a disgusting, predatory wretch if I asked them to pay me for the next call, assuming they wanted it. They each said no, and thought I would be crazy not to charge, especially if it worked.

I agree with them, but I’m not very good at this part. What I want to make clear is:

  1. I want to profit off of my knowledge if I can do so responsibly and ethically
  2. I can offer something that nobody else can
  3. I believe this is my life’s work, and making a living pursuing your life’s work and greatest passion seems like a good idea
  4. And yet, even knowing that, I don’t want to be seen as withholding vital information–I hope I have addressed that issue since I have stated more than once that my goal is to help you ask better questions and run useful experiments, not fix you or solve your problems. The two may overlap. I hope they will!

So for anyone who might think “You say you want to help so why won’t you just give the information away?,” the first video is for you. I believe it can take you a long way toward some big changes and greater quality of life. I give it to you happily and hope you share it with anyone that you think could benefit from it.

For anyone who follows the video and wants to go further with me, I will be charging a modest fee for the following phone calls and lessons. It’s going to take more time than I thought to meet the demand. I think that’s a good thing! But those are discussions we will have later.

I’m looking at this lengthy post and thinking “Hmm….does he protest too much?” I’m a crappy salesman, but I’m at peace with this decision.

For now, please subscribe to the newsletter, watch the video, and let me know how it goes. And keep in mind that you can always email me. I can’t jump onto the phone for an hour every time, especially since I naively underestimated the response I would get, but I will always make time to respond to emails.

As far as the rest of the Newsletter, I’ll be sending you emails every time I think there is something worth sharing. Videos, audios, and brief messages when I have a breakthrough or just want to ask you questions or touch base. It might be once a day, it might be once a week, I don’t know. I would guess that it will be a minimum of once a week, because I think about this constantly. The newsletter will always be Tourette’s-related. If you are trying to make headway on this issue like I am, and to figure things out, I believe that the more often we are in touch,  the more useful will be to each other and to everyone else who is dealing with this nonsense we call Tourette’s.

Don’t give in.

Good luck to us all. I love you, you twitchy beauties.


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  • Maxim March 28, 2011, 6:46 am

    Thank you for an advice, that’s an interesting approach. Although, I would point out that not all medical professionals agree that healthy breathing is deep breathing. Indeed, it should be relaxed and slow, but whether it should be deep or not is at least not clear.

    That’s what I could find with a simple “healthy breathing” Google request:

    • Josh Hanagarne March 28, 2011, 8:02 am

      Thanks Maxim, agreed. Let me clarify a couple of things.

      I’m not necessarily interested in deep breathing, but rather adequate breathing. How do I know what is adequate? It makes the symptoms better. That it.

      In those terms, a super deep breath might not be more beneficial than a breath that is only slightly deeper than those I usually take. I watch to find the point where it makes things better, and that’s my starting point for the day.

      What passes for biological order in Tourette’s cases is deeply fractured. Breathing is simply a starting point to reintroduce order into chaos. And given the sheer volume of breaths in a day, it is a way to address things first at a macro level, which typically has the greatest payoff for me. Then, later, I start looking for micro-interventions if I feel like I’ve got a handle on the bigger picture.

      Having something to track–in this case, breathing practice–leads to potential associations. The number either goes up or it goes down. Much more effective than simply saying “Wow this was a good/terrible day with Tourette’s. I wonder why?”

  • Marleah March 28, 2011, 8:15 pm

    GOOD FOR YOU. I have no personal experience with Tourette’s, but my original background is in psychology and I know many people struggling with similar things. I hope they can all find the same amount of peace with themselves as you have.

  • Boris March 29, 2011, 8:27 am

    Good luck Josh! I hope that a lot of people find you and find relief!

  • Jen H March 30, 2011, 10:59 am

    Josh I don’t see anything predatory about asking to be paid for your work helping people beat Tourettes. You aren’t asking for people to pay for a product/drug/device/subscription, just asking to be compensated for your time and expertise.

    I think a bigger worry is that somebody will pay you for the information then package it up and try to sell it as their own. So if Kevin Trudeau calls, don’t answer the phone.