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Strength Training Log – 3/4/2011 Box Squats and Barbell Rows

I’ve been box squatting for a couple of weeks now and I can’t believe I did not test these earlier. It’s like I found a key that unlocks everything that was uncomfortable to me about back squatting with a barbell. And now I can do it comfortably, painlessly, and in a way that makes me feel like I’m not 6’8″ tall.

what I mean by that is that every time I have tried to back squat, it turns into a lower back exercise for me, a weird, ugly good morning and squat hybrid. Never worked well, never tested well, and so I stuck with front squats with barbells and kettlebells.

But now I can box squat, which has led to a very comfortable boxless back squat, which has resulted in a couple of huge PRs for me. These weight won’t blow anyone away, but I honestly never even though I’d be able to squat 300 pounds.

Yesterday I was feeling very strong and was able to bang out a few singles with 315. My previous best was an ugly, grinding 275.

Again, 315 is no biggy, but now I know the way up to 400 and beyond. this is my next big goal–400 pound squat, while making it look easy, and barbell rowing with 315.

I also hit a ton of barbell rows with 175 and 225.

A great session.


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