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Heavy Front Squats, Kevin Nee

The first time I saw Kevin Nee was on the World’s Strongest Man competition, one lazy weekend when I watched about nine episodes in a row. He was much younger than the other competitors, and I was blown away by how much smaller he was than some of the heavyweight monsters, relatively speaking.

I’ve followed his career since with great interest. I’m always impressed with his strength and the way he carries himself.

In the video up above he is performing some really heavy front squats. Heavy squats are brutal, and this is capital-H heavy. One of my current goals is to hit a 300 lb front squat, which should happen sometime later this year.

It’s a great movement and he’s making some very impressive weight look very, very easy. And just because I love it, here’s a great photo of one of my heroes: Dave Draper in a deep front squat.

front squat


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