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How Many Octaves Are On A Piano? and Other Things I’m Remembering

piano keyboardA piano has 88 keys, and there are seven different notes per octave in the diatonic scale. There are 8 if you include the upper octave, which basically just means that with diatonic, if you started on a A you’d end on a G. But if you included the upper octave, you’d end on the A that followed the G.

How do I know this? Because I knew it once and now I’ve been getting back into piano.

I took piano lessons from age five until about age 15, when I got my first guitar. And for the next few years, piano just wasn’t that cool anymore. I’ve changed my ways in the most recent five years, and have gotten back into the habit of playing. I had forgotten just about everything except how to read music. I opened up one of my old training books while I was away for a holiday (my mom saves everything) and started looking at some basic piano theory again.

It’s been a lot of fun to get back at it and my skills are coming back slowly but steadily. Has anyone else here given up the piano for the guitar? Any regrets?


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