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Strength Training Log – 2/27/2011 Box Squats

I’ve recently made a goal to get my squat up to 400 pounds for the first time. Box squats have been testing through the roof, so I’m going to keep working them every single time I feel like it. Learning to sit back instead of just down is making a huge difference for me as a very tall lifter (I’m 6’8″). When I reach back from the hips and find the box, it keeps my chest in a position where I don’t lean forward and I suddenly don’t feel like my femurs are the length of a canoe.

In others words, it’s going well and I’m never been squatting this strong. I’ve recently read a few Louie Simmons articles about the box squat and I’m very interested to see how my own carryover transfers from the box to the normal squat.

yesterday I knocked out 14 sets of doubles and triples with 225. Nothing too heavy, just trying to make them all feel easy and patterning the groove. Then 14 sets of 2-3 rows with a 100 lb dumbbell. All done in about 19 minutes. A great, quick session.

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