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The 300 Workout

Once I outgrew my local Gold’s Gym–I just couldn’t take it seriously anymore as I was now focused entirely on strength–I started to look around Salt Lake City for powerlifting gyms. I wanted to find some strong guys to train with, hopefully much stronger than myself.

There’s wasn’t much to go on, unfortunately. But I did run into the name Gym Jones, which is of course Mark Twight’s gym. But I didn’t know it then, not by name. I had heard of it, however. Gym Jones is where the actors from the movie 300trained while bulking up to become Spartans. And all over the web people were clamoring about their physiques and the mastermind behind them.

kiss or kill twightThe workout in the video up top purports to be the same as the the one the 300 actors went through. I’m a big fan of Mark Twight’s writing, particularly Kiss or Kill, and Dan John has told me nothing but great things about him. There’s no arguing with the results he got for the actors, but if this video is accurate is doesn’t seem mind-blowingly innovative.

Move fast, lift a lot, move a lot of pounds with big movements, dial in your form, and I’m sure he had them on a high-compliance diet. The basics work and Mr. Twight is certainly familiar with the basics. Have any of you misfits out there given this workout a try? Looks a lot like Crossfit to me.


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