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Strength Training Log – 2-23-2011 Behind the neck push presses

I am getting more and more intrigued by the behind the neck push press with a barbell. Push pressing from the front still feels pretty awkward to me and I’m just barely able to push press more in this fashion than I can strict military press, or even barbell clean and press.


But from behind the neck I can handle a lot more weight and during the lockout it gets my arms into an alignment they don’t see very often. It feels great. The only part I’m not crazy about right now is the drop. I’m not confident enough yet to lower the bar quickly, but bringing it down slowly feels iffy on my neck and shoulders.


Luckily, I train somewhere with lots of bumper plates, so I’m focusing on singles. I lock out overhead, I drop the weight to the front, then I reclean it and put it on a rack prior to getting underneath it again. Since I have some power clean goals, this is a great way to get in some extra practice.


Last night was a great session. 16 singles in BTN push jerk with 205. 20 singles with 175.


I also hit a couple of singles in the dealift with 465, just to stay in the groove.


I also hit an easy strict military press of 175, which I’m happy with because this is not a lift I train.


A nice, easy session. Rearing to go for tomorrow already.

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