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Natalya Truskalova And Why I Don’t Armwrestle

natalya truskalovaMy lifelong love of armwrestling has always been vicarious. After seeing Sylvester Stallone’s Over The Top I formed a short-lived armwrestling club which resulted in one of my better scars. It’s really just not for me, but I’ve always enjoyed hearing about it and seeing it on occasion.

In the last couple of years I’ve gotten involved with some strength training pals, however, who are really into it. Guys who obsess about grip strength, forearm size, and technique. They talk about it as seriously as anyone discusses anything. One thing I do not hear them talk much, is whether women can excel at this sport. I wonder if they have ever heard of Natalya Truskalova.

I stumbled across her while looking up videos of female armwrestlers on Youtube. A scary-strong women who still looks pretty feminine. And I have no doubt that she could rip my arm off and laugh about it. After doing a little research on a couple of forums there is talk about her being able to compete with capable male armwrestlers, but I haven’t found any hard evidence that she has ever done so.

Honestly, now that I look at all of this I’m pretty surprised that females have never gotten their own version of Over The Top. Unless of course, they did and I never heard of it. If so, please correct me. I’d really get a kick out of it.


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