A Few Updates, Bookish and Non

by Josh Hanagarne on August 28, 2014

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Hey gang, I’ve reemerged for a one month period during which I wrote over 300 pages of new stuff for books. And good grief, I need a break from that, so here I am.


My speaking calendar is getting busy again. In October I’ll be in Wisconsin, Monterrey, Minneapolis, and Arkansas. Most of it’s private library stuff. If you’re going to any of the big conferences, you already know where I’m going to be.


Some of the pain I get from repetitive movements has gotten worse, so I’m trying out a new round of vitamins and anti-inflammatory nutrition practices. Nothing unusual, just really making an effort to clean up my diet so I can run some experiments from which I can actually draw some conclusions.  [Read more...]


A True Story Of Aliens And Ink

by Josh Hanagarne on August 27, 2014

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This happened to me near the medical section of the library. Also, some useful background information: I have a couple of new tattoos.

“Cool tattoo!” she said. “Is that from Alien?”

“No, it’s from Alien 3.”


“I’m just teasing. It’s actually from Moby Dick. I didn’t even think Alien 3 was that good.”

“But there’s no alien in Moby Dick!” 

“No. It’s a whale.” (It really does like a whale, I have a very good artist)

“What’s that one? Hey, is that Dick Tracy?”

“No, it’s from Cormac McCarthy.”

“Did he write Dick Tracy?”

“No. He wrote The Road most recently.”

“Oh, the Jack Kerouac one?”

“No, that’s On The Road. Did you read it?”

“No. I saw the movie. Bella’s in it.”


The end. That really happened.


I woke up this morning from what I think might be my favorite dream that I’ve ever had.

I was waiting in a crowd in a conference room. We were all excited, and all that we’d been told was that the guest would be a huge surprise. We were all speculating about who might walk through those doors, when here he came!

It was a man in a nice black suit. He had the head of a fish. This didn’t seem to bother anyone. He walked to the front of the room and took his place behind the podium.

He leaned forward and tapped the microphone, testing to see if it was on. Then he opened his fish mouth and said:

“Call me Fishmael.” We erupted in cheers. That was how the dream ended.

I woke up and immediately began shaking my head. But I laughed. A nice start to the day.

Call me Fishmael.


A Conversation That Happened

Two nights ago, a man came into the library to see the 36 year old me at the reference desk. After helping him with something, he looked around and said, “You know, you must be kind of embarrassed. I mean, a man your age, working in here, doing…this?” He waved his arms at all of […]

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One Arm Handstand Progress

Hi all, Since it’s been a while since I’ve written anything strength-related, let me assure you that I’m still training. My latest white whale has been the one arm handstand. In the picture below, you can see that I’m finally able to hold it with just a little bit of support. My feet are barely […]

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New Blog Launch!

Okay comrades, it’s time for a new endeavor. Business as usual will continue here on World’s Strongest Librarian, but I’m starting a new blog today, specifically for writers. Aspiring, accomplished, the confident, the prostrate-with-doubt, all writers are welcome. Nay, expected! Come learn how to write better, finish projects, start projects, and meet other like minded […]

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Call For Writers

Hi all, in the next two days I’m launching a blog for writers: anyone looking for encouragement, who is stuck, who wants inspiration, who wants to connect with other writers, and so on. It will ultimately be whatever we make it. I’ll be looking for writers who want to write (duh), and who want to […]

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Who’s Ready For A Play?

Howdy, gang of dozens, I’ve got some great news that I find absolutely hilarious. I just sold the theater rights to The World’s Strongest Librarian. There’s going to be a play! One of the writers (there are two) worked on The Young and the Restless for years. He told me that once a year he […]

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ALA Recap – Bropocalypse and Baby Talking Supermodels

Hi all, I’m back from the hellish cesspool of Las Vegas. I usually like walking around the strip and gawking, but I realized something this time around: I’d never been there in the summer. It was as oppressive as Orwell’s Ministry of Love. My talk and signings at the ALA (American Library Association) went swimmingly, […]

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