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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

Hi all, Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you all have things to be grateful for.

Today, I’m grateful for my wife, son, family, and friends (this means YOU).

Find someone you love and hug them tight.



The Dreams of John Weaver

Hi all!

I’m very happy today to announce the title of my new novel, which will be released in early December.

The Dreams of John Weaver. It’s the first in a series and you’ll get the next two entries in 2017. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Official description is below:

If you could watch someone’s dreams, would you?

John Weaver wakes from a three month coma with the ability to see peoples’ dreams, including those of his father which reveal the mother John never knew.

But the small town of Morgan hosts more sinister dreams than John could have ever imagined. When he discovers who might be responsible for the abduction of five year-old Marion Little, he begins to wish he had never looked at all.

Morgan has a secret — an evil brewing at its core. As he struggles to solve Marion’s disappearance, protect the girl he loves, dodge a vicious bully, learn what really happened to his mother, and keep his father safe, John Weaver is about to learn the high price of following his dreams.

It makes me want to read it. I can’t wait, I can’t wait.




New Book Coming in December!

Hi all, just a quick heads up. If all goes well, in the first week of December, I’ll be releasing a novel that was two years in the making. It’s something really fun, pretty spooky, and something that I’m really proud of.

First in a series!

Can’t wait to show you all.



Something Nice, Post-Election

Hi all, I just got back from four days in New Orleans for my wedding, and then awedding
week in Costa Rica.

If you’re reeling from the election results, maybe it will help to see a picture of an extremely stunning bride.

That’s her over there on the right. Apologies for the giant oaf appearing next to her in the photo. It couldn’t be helped.

Whatever you’re feeling today, be patient, be kind, and love each other well. I’ll be doing the same.


The Making of Donald Trump

Hi all, just popping back in quickly during a busy stretch. If you’re following the election–if you’re not, please tell me how you’re avoiding it, I’m jealous–then you’re probably pulling your hair out like myself and most people I know.

One of my frustrations during election season is that there are so many media outlets reporting. Trying to get a comprehensive picture of things can require so much news-hopping that it gets tedious.

That said, if you’re looking for a primer on Herr Trump and haven’t already had your fill, The Making of Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston is a handy read.

The information in it won’t be completely new to anyone who has paid attention to Trump’s history, but it’s kind of nice to have all of the idiocy in one location.



The Full Story of that Signed Copy of Blood Meridian

Hi folks, here, as promised, is a longer writeup of the events that led to me getting that signed Cormac McCarthy novel. It also includes a best friends collage. Enjoy!

Chaos! Or, How I Got A Signed Copy of Blood Meridian From Cormac McCarthy

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Book Review – The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

wolf-road-book-coverI’m a sucker for two things when it comes to books: cat and mouse games and western frontiers. Well, three things, because I love a good revenge story as well. The Wolf Road is one of the best cat and mouse books I’ve ever read, intense from start to finish, and elegantly colloquial in a way that never feels like stuntsmanship.

It’s a simple set up. In the aftermath of a tragedy, a young girl named Elka is taken by a man who calls himself Kreager Hallett. He raises her in the hills, teaching her to make jerky, hunt, joint animals, track, and more. It’s a harsh world, a wilderness that has drawn comparisons to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, but the style, by design, is not elevated. We are given the story through the eyes of the illiterate Elka.  [click to continue…]

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I Accidentally Got A Signed Copy of Blood Meridian

blood-meridian-signedHi all, if you’ve read the blog for long, you know I have a Cormac McCarthy obsession, particularly with his novel Blood Meridian, which is both my favorite (and least favorite) book. It’s a long story, and beyond the scope of this post, but I’ll be talking about it more in a longer article soon.

However, I wanted to tell you all that when I got back from a family reunion a couple of weeks ago, Cormac had sent me an inscribed copy of Blood Meridian. They’re very tough to come by. Cormac isn’t a recluse, but he does his own thing and that rarely includes promoting or signing or talking about his books. His sister had visited the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut, and my future mother-in-law just happened to give her a tour and told her what a fanatic I am about her brother’s books.

And that is pretty much the series of accidents that led to the book showing up. I’m not materialistic, but it is absolutely a treasure to me, and my favorite possession.

I hope you’re all having a great day.


One Way To Reconnect With Reading

bookI’ve never lost the joy that reading gives me, but I realized in the last year or two that I had stopped reading with the same care that I used to. Curiously, I wasn’t sure why. It didn’t seem to matter whether I was reading weighty non-fiction like In The Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Voyage of the USS Jeanette–a book that assumes the reader is going to be invested enough to concentrate on dates, the fallibility of nineteenth century maritime cartography, nautical jargon, and the properties of various alloys used to reinforce ships whose job is to bust through glaciers–or the latest Lee Child thriller. (That link has a big list if you’re not sure where to start with Lee Child and Jack Reacher.)

Perhaps this is because I spend too much time in the click-happy online world which we’re sharing right now. Maybe my brain had in fact rewired itself in the way that Nicholas Carr talks about in The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains. 

Sounds plausible. I scan instead of analyze. Seeing lots of information can feel like learning, even if nothing is retained. If I can tell you what a book was about, I can pat my back and say I read it, even if I didn’t pore over every sentence. [click to continue…]